Monday, February 6, 2012

Sewing Machines for Konoweka

Hmm...which one to choose...
I’m kinda proud of myself. I figured out how to get two sewing machines and their stands from the third floor below ground up to the busy main road and then to my car without help from anyone I know. Not so proud that I relented on the prices thinking that I must have been mistaken about what I paid for machines last time. Did you know some machines don’t come with zig zag and that those that do cost twice as much? Yikes.

The ladies were thrilled to get their new machines and put them to work immediately by making the dresses from the pattern and fabric your sponsorships provided. I purchased their first dresses, which gave me the opportunity to offer feedback so that their dresses improve in quality as well as to get them started in managing their money (tithing, purchasing more material, contributing to the sewing machine maintenance fund, paying themselves a salary, etc.). I hoped to give these dresses to some girls in the slums but my trusted boda guy wasn’t around and I didn’t dare have someone else take me. I saved them for next time.

This woman often declined to lead Bible study because
she could not read her Bible. With her new large print Bible
and a pair of glasses (thanks to my SC friends) she was
almost jumping up and down. We couldn't get her to
stop reading and participate in the study with
the rest of the group.