Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frederick Graduates from Prison

Carpenter John displays the work of the tailor apprentices.
One last visit to Bugembe Prison, among other places, before I return to the U.S. was in order. Carpenter John and I visited with the new officer in charge where John pointed out some of the work the electrician-prisoner was allowed to do to help improve the prison thanks to the skills training program. The wires ran to the OCs office giving him electricity…although I know not for what purpose.

Carpenter John made these cobra/shoe shine boxes. Graduates released
from prison will get a box along with the start up materials needed.

I always love seeing these sweet faces and encouraging them in Christ. Only a few of the people knew me from the August trip, given that this prison is for short term sentences. As a result every prisoner received a Bible during this visit. It’s like starting all over again, but not. Those who do remember me speak so kindly to the others about the program we started and more than 60% of them are participating in skills development training.

Frederick graduated January 26!
In a previous post, I told you that Frederick graduated on Saturday, January 26, 2012. This man left behind a legacy of spiritual leadership in this prison as well as a new leader in his place. He looked forward to seeing his wife and three children as well as to attending church outside the prison once again. I received a phone call from Frederick on his first day out and, thanks to a sponsor, he’s rented a booth where he’ll put the skills he received while in prison to work earning money for his family. Yea God!

We’re no longer allowed to take photos of the prisoners (except this once because Frederick is not in uniform), which makes maintaining interest and accountability difficult. The new officer in charge is going to try to get special permission but…we’ll see.