Friday, February 3, 2012

Kakira Prison

Carpenter John has been invited to serve as chaplain to many prisons in the Jinja area but his time is only so expansive. This man gets paid nothing but spends almost all day almost every day ministering in some way. His family struggles for food and education but he continues to serve God in a very faithful way.

Kakira Prison, like Bugembe Prison, is for short term sentences and our second visit allowed us to gift every prisoner with a Bible. I spoke about the fact that the Bible is a love story and that God’s love continues in the living Hope from 1 Peter 1:3-4. John translated into Luganda and then another man translated into Kiswahili. Sometimes I forgot to wait for the third translation but I think they got the point.

Our hope is to expand the skills development training modeled in Bugembe Prison to Kakira Prison so we asked the prisoners about their certificates and other skills. Again, tailor, cobra, and shoe shine rose to the top. Our hope now is to provide this prison group with the supplies needed to begin the training program. They’ve heard about the success of the Bugembe program and are thankful and excited about what could happen in their little prison as well.