Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary Surprised by Hope

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the official formation of Surprised by Hope. What an amazing year it has been! Over the years I’ve heard people talk about “God’s call” or being “in God’s will” and intellectually I understood what they meant but eventually these phrases seemed overused or, dare I say, misused. These last few years, however, shed new light on their meaning. When I look back over the events that led to forming Surprised by Hope, I cannot help but be absolutely amazed at how God aligned every detail. Doors swung open and then fell off their hinges. Opportunities tumbled out at my feet and created a flood. Relationships were founded and then built up like strong towers. The Body was built up and then added a few extra weights to that barbell. It’s crazy in only the way God could make it all crazy!

You’ve just received a newsletter update so I thought I’d make this post full of fun pictures from the past year – the ones that are a little more unusual. So, happy anniversary everyone…thanks for being part of my family!

Lake flies at Garetti's on Lake Victoria - I think I drank one.

Stuck car...I didn't do it!

REAL pancakes (cake made in a frying pan).
Hey, a girl does what she must...

Bye-bye Bujagali Falls

Lauren's wedding day.

I don't know who this is but I do know that she really liked the party.
My birthday gift, the Ugandan name Kisakye.

If only I could haul my camera out fast enough for all these kinds of photos.

I didn't do this either. Hmm...I'm sensing a trend (ha).

You just never know how your next meal gets to the plate.
Good thing I don't eat so much fish.

(Sniffle). Children picking through the garbage dump in Jinja for the day's food.

Oh to be able to sleep like a baby.

Nakasero Market - the best place for fresh foods.
I get all my apples - of the apple and peanut butter meals - from Nakasero.
Sorry girl has to do her laundry.
My undies were filled with gnats.
Pick 'em out and wear 'em, that's my philosophy.

Boda men can balance almost anything on their bikes.
I've even seen coffins going down the street on the back of a boda.
Hopefully there wasn't a body inside.

Taxi park. One day I'll have someone else take a picture of me in the part and
you can play Where's Waldo with me.

After spraying for bats, the ants never came back...much.

One bat thought he'd escape through the drain pipe.
That's just what I need...a bat coming up through my shower drain.

Nakasero corner with my back to the market.
A Sunday afternoon nap.

Sweet dreams...I think.

The doorless shower. The skylight was gorgeous, though!

Who let that cow into my front yard?
The cow-bird combo can often be seen grazing nearby.

The view out my bedroom window. Sigh, I miss my kiddies.