Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Dolly for Salima from the Rann Kids

I waited in the hot shade for Daniel as we prepared for our exploratory and introductory visit to Buikwe near Lugazi. Lugazi is most well know for it's sugar plant, given that the community is just outside a giant sugar cane field that stretches between Lugazi and Jinja.

A family approached the car as they waited for a bus to Mbale and we had the opportunity to chat for quite a while. Thier bus never came; they learned that bus didn't run on Sunday. After being asked for sponsorship for Salima, I learned they were sending their other children to Mbale for school.

That youngest child was so patient as she waited even though she understood little of the English conversation. Some of these kids have the most adorable smiles. Salima tossed her new baby around while she waited and then finally began cradling her like a real momma. So cute!