Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Web Development Workshop

The guys were crammed 3 and 4 to a computer.
Sixteen youth from Nkumba Presbyterian Church eagerly participated in the three day web development workshop. During the last two days (two different Sundays), we could be found crammed into the Equator Internet Café doing hands on application of all that was planned for their websites during our first meeting. Two or three people per station made practice challenging but they were all quite cooperative. We used simple template-based development tools, but mastering these tools will render the youth ready to take their skills to the next level with more complex software and development.

I emphasized to the students that learning these skills well can really help them earn some money in Uganda. While most of the youth were interested only in creating personal websites, their interests were peeked when we talked about how simple it would be to go next door to the pharmacy and ask if they wanted a website for their business and that they could charge a reasonable price for that work. I pray they continue working to master their web development skills but fear that they’ll fall behind due to lack of funds to pay or the necessary internet time.

One man stood out among the group. His grasp of programming logic was quick and his
 teaching/helping was professional. I began thinking he might be a great person to raise up as the web development workshop teacher taking my place. I learned that he is in fact a business teacher at a small college nearby and that he was quite interested in working alongside me and eventually taking over this training. Hmm…I love when God brings people together like that.