Monday, January 30, 2012

Triplet Clothing All Over the Island

Oh I love the opportunity to share these adorable clothes with children around East Africa. Coming to Bubembe Island was even more fun because I got to see children dressed in the clothing delivered during the last visit, clothing form my grandchildren. I spied one 4’ish year old boy wearing bib overalls designed for a baby. I could see the snaps between his legs. Oh sigh.

These kids got some top notch duds during this visit. I was able to distribute the clothing in a more orderly fashion so I knew the clothing would fit each child and that each child got something close to a complete set. All the children were so happy to slip off their current outfits and sport their new clothes. They were also quite happy to parade in front of me to receive the adoring praise of “you look so beautiful/handsome.”

Thank you all the way up the chain from the people who handed me 55 pounds of clothing to distribute in East Africa to the people responsible for making these clothes available to a family surprised by triplets.