Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teaching Supplies for Bubembe Island

Pretty much anything is hard to come by on Bubembe Island. Unless it grows there, the item must be brought from Kalangala Island and nothing gets to Kalangala Island except by the mainland. You can only imagine what that kind of distribution system must cost the residents of this remote but beautiful place.

We learned that this coming year will include a full week of school (formerly classes were held only two days each week) and we learned that the community is paying the teachers who are willing to come some ridiculously small amount of money. Teachers here, like in America, are responsible for their own teaching materials as are children responsible for their own school supplies. We want to give the children every advantage possible.

Thanks to one very kind and generous giver, these teachers are well prepared for the coming school term and all the children enrolled in that term – regardless of whether they’re enrolled in VKids Trust Uganda or not – have books and pencils to start the term off well.