Monday, January 23, 2012

Study, Teach, and Work Abroad (STAWA)

Jamie, Juliette, Leslie, Annette
Study, Teach, and Work Abroad is a university with a unique approach. They strive to bring international lecturers to supplement local talent so that students get an education that readies them for work anywhere in the world. The university has two campuses – Ntinda outside Kampala and Bombo nearer the village. The Ntinda campus is housed in a four story building where students stay, classes are held, and lecturers are lodged. The neat building is attractive and welcoming for anyone willing to come. The Bombo campus will eventually become the main campus but for now they’re meeting in a wood structured church building. Groundbreaking should happen in the next few weeks right behind the church.

Larry in front of the church where the school meets on a temporary basis.
Students at the Bombo campus would likely otherwise not have access to university level education, which is why STAWA offers diploma and certificate level programs as well. Bringing lecturers from around the world can certainly lift the level of achievement but without some consistent teaching leadership the overall growth may be limited. I’ve been invited to be a regular lecturer with STAWA and am evaluating how this invitation fits into the ministry objectives. I sense the guest lecturer or some type of administrator might be most suited to my schedule and commitments. I love seeing how God will weave these joint ministries together.