Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Schools in Barrio, Lira

The cool morning was the perfect time to tour the small compound holding the start of a one room schoolhouse. The church-run school is in the process of being built using funds collected from church members. Over the course of one year, the community contributed enough money to raise the school building this far (I would guess the amount needed to build this far to be less than $1000). Try looking at this school as the result of having given abundantly. At this rate, they expect another four or five years of building before completing the structure to support the primary school’s children in this part of the district.

Head teacher, Augustine, and Pastor Patrick

Pastor Patrick’s vision is to educate orphans and to do so by using the small tuition fees from those who can pay to compensate for the orphans who cannot pay. Just about the time this structure is complete, current students will be graduating and a secondary school will be needed. I’m told there are no secondary schools in the area and expect the reason is that people can scarcely afford to send their children to primary school let alone to send them to the more expensive secondary level. For those few who can afford to pay, no opportunities exist nearby.