Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Clothes from the Triplets

Clothing distribution in these far-away villages is difficult. Pastor felt it important that each child receive one piece of clothing whether the size or gender was right or not. Well, gender colors don’t matter in Uganda but I did ask that we at least try for the right size children. As usual, the older children could be seen wearing clothing for a toddler. Well…they fit.

I did get to select those who received the shoes (shoes have a special significance to me). Little Jonathon could be seen being carried on his mother’s back with the wrap while his little sandaled feet poked out. Young Robert had one of the happiest faces I’ve seen in a while. He was tickled to receive his little pink shoes.

The clothing gifts were given inside the church so most of the photos were too dark but one little girl came to me later to show how lovely her new little pants were. I didn’t have the heart to say that the pants were for an 18 month old child. So cute, I told her. So cute she was.
After - Ya, I might have chosen differently...
but the parents were so happy.