Saturday, January 28, 2012

Education Sponsorship for Kisakye

Friends in South Carolina heard about VKids Trust Uganda and the ridiculously small amount of money it takes to sponsor an education for a whole year for a child. Left the task of selecting the child to be sponsored, Vickie chose Kisakye because she shares a name with me. During our first visit to the island, when we were selecting children to enroll, Kisakye screamed bloody murder at the sight of me (click here to see the story or here to find out more about the girl). Of course, I thought a dolly might help…to no avail.

Since that first visit, I’ve returned twice and the children enrolled in VKids Trust Uganda are beginning to recognize me, come and greet me, and expect something fun when they do. Kisakye was no different. Having just finished bathing, she wandered over and climbed up in my lap. Yes, I melted…as usual. As we proceeded uphill toward the community-built school, Kisakye grasped my hand and this girl stayed close during our entire visit.

I personally think her artwork is the most beautiful and her little sucker the most tastey. All the children were rewarded with a sweet treat but that little sucker was perfect for Kisakye. Her mother was absolutely thrilled to learn that Kisakye would be enrolled in school for all of 2012. Thrilled. This education is something she could not have afforded. There are a number of requirements for school that are yet to be met, but she has a great start with tuition and a few books already provided. Thank you!