Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Dress for Wasswa from Donna

Nakato (youngest girl twin) and Waswa (oldes boy twin)
I spied a little tyke in her mother’s arms and sporting a tiny sundress. To prove how little Ugandan’s concern themselves with gender-based clothing, check this out. The baby dress Donna sponsored was the perfect size for little…who? I asked. The reply…Wasswa. Wasswa is the term used to refer to the eldest boy twin. Yep, I just gave a dress to a boy. Well…at least the dress was blue. Wasswa has a twin sister, Nakato. All twin boys somehow use the name Wasswa (eldest boy) and Kato (youngest boy) or Babirye (eldest girl) or Nakato (youngest girl). Perhaps Nakato will get the dress instead.

Wasswa and Nakato were really too young to care much about the activity swirling about them. They just stared and blinked and stared some more. Cute little things.