Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Dolly for Mary from Tessa

The three and a half hour ferry ride from Entebbe to Kalangala Island is quite comfortable compared to any taxi or boda-boda ride in Uganda. The not-too-cramped lower level gave us plenty of space to spread out…but Mary was being a little pistol anyhow. Perhaps past naptime, this child fussed and fidgeted and generally caused her mother all forms of grief. One look at me and she fell backwards wailing.

A dolly peered out of my overstuffed backpack and soon the small girl was well entertained. Mary peeked under the dress, of course, and proceeded to romp the dolly all over the table and all the luggage that surrounded her. For the first time ever, with all the people staring and the camera poised, Mary’s sister undressed her dolly. Mary was so incredibly disturbed by this sight that her mother quickly redressed the toy. From then on, Mary cuddled that dolly tight…until…

…the candy was passed around. An orange sucker was Mary’s chosen treat and she was easily found sucking on the stick and eating the paper. Suckers were obviously a luxury to this girl who knew not what part of the treat to eat.