Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Dolly for Mary from Kayla

My trip to Bombo and STAWA University resulted in parking the little car in a neighbor’s yard where a small pile of school aged children gathered under the cool shade of a tree. One younger girl stood among the lot and her little smile radiated out from between the pretty little beads in her hair. Without hesitation and with a giant smile she received her little dolly.

None of the children spoke English well enough to translate my little story about how Mary was Jesus’ mother and that their names were the same. Mother Mary had a big responsibility taking care of Jesus as a baby and little Mary should take care of her dolly the same way. I told the little story in English and figured the Holy Spirit would have to do the rest because no one really understood me. Little Mary would have nothing of sitting near me but was quite happy to spy on me for the rest of the afternoon. She happily toted her dolly along for the spying expedition and sweetly waved good-bye when it was time for me to go. I hope to see this girly and her dolly again.