Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sanyu Babies Home

I knew that baby holding was the perfect Christmas present to myself (selfish, I know). It’s okay to take a little break from the usual ministry work, right? I was introduced to the Sanyu Babies Home during a precursory visit so that I knew the rules before coming for this day lest I be disappointed about hours, visitation days, or some other technicality. They warmly welcomed me and any other visitors.

Sanyu means happy. Happy Babies Home. I was surprised to find this home to be a genuine place of happiness. Although one can never know for sure, I got the sense of purity from this place (a freedom from the corruption that plagues so many such places). As I passed through the gate the happily playing 2 and 3 year old children hugged my legs (wiping their slimy noses all over my pants, a likely source of my current cold). After hugging them, boogers and all, I made my way to the newborn baby section of this lovely campus where I was intercepted by Silvia, the administrator.

Thanks to the Schut family triplets, I had piles of newborn to 12 months baby clothes to give to this deserving home (I still have more clothes, but could only carry so much). They were so very grateful and even allowed me to take a few photos – typically forbidden because people use those photos to exploit the home and the children.

The workers here held and played with the children of all ages and they did so with a sense of joy and playfulness rather than obligation and effort. Few babies cried or fussed, many of them played, climbed, and toddled to their little hearts’ content. My day at this home was one of contented happiness to see that these children were being well cared for.