Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sanctuary Babies Home

Carpenter John – ever interested in sneaking children into my world – introduced me to the leader of The Sanctuary Babies Home as the children all ran out to greet me. In this context, “Babies Home” means young children rather than actual babies or toddlers. These children are somehow orphaned and are now under the care of a small handful of loving adults.

The children here are home schooled which earns no credential here in Uganda but this type of education is what can be afforded in such circumstances. A display of their smarts was in order as the children lined up and each said and spelled their names, except Jonathon who was a bit young and had his own plans for that time of performance. They all seemed to love their caretakers and weren’t afraid to have fun with them. Again, what will God do with us know that we’ve been introduced? We’ll find out.