Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Dress for Hazel from Dr. Debbie

The children began pestering me immediately when I arrived at the church where we meet with the Konoweka ladies. Some of them still say, “Give me money.” I’ve simply started telling those children to ogenda eka (go home). Of course, I don’t know if I’m giving the instruction correctly because they never go. They follow me into the church, pick through my bags, and otherwise hang all over me. Okay, having all these children around is not the torture it may sound.

Finally one of the women arrived and shooed all the children outside…save the one I invited to stay. Hazel was a new face for me and offered the perfect opportunity to try out a new dress…particularly as a model for the Konoweka ladies who would eventually make these same dresses.

I slipped that dress over her head and all the children came pouring back into the church to admire her. Most of these children are boys so they weren’t too concerned about having not received a dress for themselves. Instead, “Sing!” they demanded, reminiscent of our previous visits together. As we sang the many children’s songs practiced each time I arrive, Hazel became more animated. She was really quite a little showgirl in her pretty new dress.