Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Dress for Euphresia from Jill

Tiny dresses fit tiny bodies. Euphresia was in her mother’s arms watching the parade of three muzungu followed by dozens of children pass by her home. Faith, Euphresia’s mother, paid little attention until we knocked at her door and asked if we could give her daughter a little red dress.


Euphresia didn’t follow us around, she didn’t beg for a piece of candy, and she didn’t have her shoes on the wrong feet – she didn’t have shoes on at all. Soon, though, she’ll gain her independence and roam the muddy streets alongside her soon-to-be friends the likes of Chico, Susan, and the many other children in the neighborhood.

What can we do for children like Euphresia today to help them have a bright future? People all over the world have been asking this question for ages and I don’t pretend to have an answer. I do know that the love we show a child like Euphresia today may have more impact on her life than any other gift. We need to show her the heart of Jesus…plain and simple…and we need to show her that Jesus is where that love comes from. Euphresia’s mother was given a Bible and we challenged her to read this Bible and share the love found between the covers with her children.