Monday, December 26, 2011

A Dolly for Teekira from Jessie

Teekira is neighbor to Andy and Lauren. Andy is so good with children and Teekira was happy to be held by him. This morning, little Teekira was shaking in her socks. I wondered what might be wrong with her tiny little body, but discovered she was just shivering. Cool African weather in just her panties and a t-shirt…poor girly. Of course I wanted to scoop her up and snuggle her to get warm but I had the feeling she’d not welcome that prospect. She didn’t run away screaming when she saw me, but she wasn’t going to accept any gift from me either.

Teekira actually pushed the dolly away when I handed it to her. Yet she didn’t want to leave this treasure behind either. Safely in her mother’s (or her house girl’s) arms, she accepted the dolly and when I was far enough away, she actually began examining the gift with a smile. I’m not sure what big sister thought about this new toy or whether Teekira will remain in charge but for now she had her very own baby to care for.