Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Dolly for Beatrice from Nancy

It’s always hard to know which child should receive gifts among a group of children who receive a variety of necessities only occasionally. Do you give one food and not education because they got food? Do you give one education and not toys because they got education? Do you give clothing but not food because they got clothing? You see the problem? Luckily, our God is a god of abundance and we need not concern ourselves with equality but instead we can lavish gifts on our children and trust him to continue providing for their needs even after these first gifts run out.

Beatrice is perhaps five years old and she is part of the Jacaranda Kids system. She gets small gifts of food and clothing on occasion and she is eligible for school sponsorship. “But,” says Brenda, “she never gets a treat like this [doll].” This explains why Beatrice followed me around once she realized I had a bag of goodies. She had her eye on those dolls.

In the privacy of the Jacaranda workshop, Beatrice gratefully received her gift. Being a bit older than the usual adopted mommy, Beatrice knew exactly how to care for her dolly and was demonstrating to Esther and Chico (more on them soon) just exactly how to do so. Brenda commented about how much fun she’ll have seeing the dresses and dolls when she returns (as will I).