Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dollies for Kikubamutwe Slum Girls from Paul

A very generous businessman sponsored 20 dollies and what better way to deliver those dollies than to do so on Christmas day in one of the many Kampala slums. Once one dolly is given, the whole community swarms to see what their gift might be. It’s never difficult to find some way to bless the people here.

The first dolly was given to the daughter of the woman who allowed us to park the boda-boda for safekeeping while we wandered through the narrow paths. This girl was a bit more interested in sucking on her bubble gum. One of the next dolls given matched the dress of the recipient – red checks. I love when those little coincidences happen.

Deeper into the recesses of the slum, I found these four girls who were very excited about their new treasures and whose mothers inquired as to their gifts. Age seems to mean nothing when it comes to holding a baby doll.

Cornered, the last pile of dollies was given to all the remaining girls in the area. The children pressed in, which made gift-giving a challenge. The boys were even thinking they might like one, but their aggressiveness would not have been a good role model for those babies.

Keep your eye on completely naked boy, he’ll appear in another post.

Got a little clostrophobic for me in this tiny space.

UPDATE: The man who took me into the slum told me that he started getting phone calls of appreciation and requests from his family to return with more gifts. Typically you might expect the person helping you to selfishly take you to all his friends and family, but this guy didn’t do that. Instead he avoided them trying not to be self-serving. We will definitely be returning.