Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VKids Trust Uganda Update

Vickie is the young woman who longs to ensure the children of Bubembe Island receive an education. In January we visited the island together to enroll 10 children as eligible for sponsorship. While there are 50 or more children that need sponsors, Vickie felt that getting the first 10 was a priority before enrolling more.

We set sail to Kalangala Island where we met her brother, Julius, and his wife. Leaving our things at their home, where we would stay for the next three days, we set out on foot to explore the island. The next morning we hired a boat to take us to Bubembe Island, one of the 88 Ssese Islands, where the enrolled children live.

I tried hard to remain in the background so that Vickie would be seen as the leader of this project and not me. The people automatically attribute good things to the mzungu and forget how much one of their own people longs to help them. My brightness and the fact that I had a giant bag of goodies for them did not help.

The island church.
Thanks to Beaverdam Baptist Church, 20 Bibles were distributed on the island. When asked who reads English only three raised their hands. When distributing Bibles to those three, all of a sudden so many people read English. Thanks to my daughter for all the children’s clothes. I’m sure she’ll spot so many of them on these tiny bodies. Thanks to my momma for the candy, toys, and games. These were shared with all. And thanks again to Beaverdam Baptist Church for getting all these goodies here in the first place. Thanks to the rest of you for allowing me to participate in developing this very important ministry organized by a Ugandan woman.

The mom's were eager to receive a Bible,
even though many cannot read English.

How excited these mothers were to receive
a simple gift of soap (the blue bar).

All the clothing was distributed to everyone with children,
not just the enrolled families. Happy chaos.