Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Dollies in Bugembe Prison

When distributing the Bibles in the prison courtyard, I noticed the women had their babies/children with them…girls. Before leaving the prison I asked a female guard whether or not those children would be allowed to have a dolly. An affirmative response meant that I could return on film day with the gifts. This time the dollies weren’t prisoners, they were ministers.

I had brought four dollies to Jinja and expected two for Buwenge and two for Bugembe. Only one was delivered in Buwenge and…huh…exactly three dollies remained for exactly three girlies in the prison.

Active and happy to have a new friend with her.

This girl was content to simply sit quietly with her momma.

The little one in red boldly approached and helped herself to a dolly.
I wasn't sure if she was a boy or girl until...well...you know.
She was by far the most animated of the three children. Adorable.