Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maude the Mzungu Chicken

Maude the Mzungu Chicken was chosen specifically because she was white like me. This chicken is the second to be received as a gift, second only to Gertrude the Christmas Chicken, and I must admit that I love the gift. Someday I’ll learn to catch, clean, cut, and prepare the free range beauties myself…NOT. Vickie was kind enough to handle that thing all the way home. She was quiet on the boat ride back to Bubembe…until the next morning.

Apparently Maude should be Manfred. Manfred crowed from the kitchen of Julius’ house, which then made all his chickens in the outdoor coop begin squawking. Oh Manfred, if you only knew…

A big thanks to Ann, Lobu’s wife, for preparing Manfred along with some rice and matoke for lunch. He was yummy!