Friday, August 12, 2011

Holistic Health Uganda

Preventative health care training for communities around Uganda is the heart’s desire for a couple working in the medical field. They want to start a small ministry-type business but were unsure how to begin. Once Carpenter John and I met and he heard about Surprised by Hope: An East African Community Development Ministry he realized that I might be able to help.

Our first meeting was in Ibanda’s home where Ibanda shared his vision for this ministry. Our next meeting was at the same place but Ibanda completed some homework assignments I’d given him…to develop a vision and mission statement. Once presented I did my usual asking of a million questions to tease out more meaning.

By the time we were done, Ibanda was excited about having statements and a company name that reflect what he was trying to describe and what they hoped to do in the community. We’re planning to meet again and begin developing the CBO documentation required for formally registering in Uganda.

After our first visit to Bugembe Prison and to Ibanda’s home, I said to John…why doesn’t Ibanda begin some small preventative healthcare training in the prison. He can train the prisoners to train others and thus earn some small income. The light bulb went off for John…why hadn’t he thought of that before. I love making connections for people. Sometimes the new girl asks just the right questions to help shift perspectives and offer new views so that the stuck become unstuck. I love love love my work.