Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aunt Robina's Honey Bees

Better understanding the honey harvesting process enables us to work toward a plan for raising funds to equip these Ssese Island ladies to produce the best honey in the country. Unfortunately, the only way to learn the harvesting process, according to Aunt Robina, is to…suit up.

Hand packed and sealed.

You should see my stripidy socks. Aunt Robina had
to help me into my suit.

Vickie gets some help from Aunt Robina too.

Brave Aunt Robina.

I'm not sure how this ends up in a jar but Aunt Robina was very happy.

Vickie and I fought over the dung smoker, the bees were psyching us out.

The smile was only for the camera. Those bees were freaky!

After finishing with the honey, Aunt Robina directed Vickie and me to a dark area. The theory was that she’d dung smoke the bees and they’d leave us and fly toward the light. In practice, this usually works for her. Today, the bees would not leave us. Aunt Robina suggested we walk home and then take our suits off. Surely the bees would leave by then. What this meant was walking through the center of Kalangala Island to Julius’ house IN OUR BEE SUITS. Yes, we looked like astronauts…or aliens. No, the bees didn’t leave easily. We swatted and shewed until we thought they were gone. The good news is that we escaped with some fresh honey still in the comb.