Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TTATCC Way Forward

Well organized is not an adjective used often to describe small businesses or ministries in Africa. Yet The Teachers Association to Cater to Children was exactly that. Alone was meticulous in detailing the Association’s mission and objectives, past successes, and future plans. While there is always room for improvement, I was impressed with his articulation of these plans.

Yet given that the association is so well organized, what could I possibly offer to help them? After a sweet prayer time followed by introductions that included education, experience, roles, and a tour, we gathered once more and I asked the million dollar question, “What is the way forward?” In other words, knowing that I was not bringing funding, how did they see our relationship developing (if at all)?

As usual, God had his plans. The members, other than Alone, had very little education but they some really great skills and ideas. They asked for honest feedback based on their current activities, business teaching along the line of entrepreneurship, and proposal development. I love that God uses each of us combined together to make a more far-reaching impact than we could ever have alone. We talked of some tentative plans, and assignment for me, and a few deadlines. Then, the members gifted me with a stalk of matoke bananas, maize, and pineapple.

I’ll share a proposal with Alone soon and he will meet with the group to refine based on their specific needs. I look forward to seeing how this relationship will develop over time and to getting to know the members on a more personal basis. Thank you, Lord, for opening doors as a result of the boldness of one man.