Saturday, July 16, 2011


Clapboard siding covers the small four “room” school in Buwenge. Makeshift seats for the children cover the ground in orderly rows. Blackboards are cracked and holey…but they work. The school and its contents are the result of the community working together to provide some meager place to gather the children for learning every day. Although class sizes are small given the small village they’re in, current grades include primary 1-4 and baby class. Five years of education that began in 2006 when TTATCC was founded. Each year a new primary level class is added.

The leaders of TTATCC hope to add children to the school who literally pick garbage from the dumpsters in Jinja. I’ve seen these children. They stand in the trash piles and pick through the content. When they find something of value, they eat it. This kind of life is what Gabriel described from his early childhood before going to Africa Foundation Home run by Kefa Sempangi. My heart goes out to them and I feel compelled to help…how could I not!

How can I accept that children of God are eating garbage? Most of us think of American garbage standards…a half-eaten hamburger, leftover rolls, that last piece of pizza. None of these luxuries exist in Uganda. Garbage is garbage here. Corn husks, the last oil from fried chapatti, a rotten egg, rice with maggots. Such may be the meal of a child whom God so dearly loves as He watches us simply pass by.

TTATCC is an organization moved to help these children. They’ve done so much to develop their little community already, but their resources are severely limited. Please pray that God would open the storehouses and shower this village with unexpected hope.

Kibirango Moses in the forefront with the primary 4 children.
Moses is a FIFA football (soccer) coach working with the children.

Primary 3
Primary 2

Primary 1

A gigantic baby class (kindergarten'ish)