Sunday, July 17, 2011

TTATCC Projects

Each community member is using his or her gifts and skills to contribute to the wellbeing of the children enrolled in school. As a result, a variety of projects speckle the beautiful landscape. Rearing goats, chickens, cows, and dogs begins with just one pregnant female. Can you imagine rearing dogs specifically for security purposes? Further, can you imagine returning to the times where you had to grow or rear all your own food?

Pineapple and matoke in perfect rows share a plot of land. Maize covers the rolling hills. The plantations are used to teach community members and children about agriculture so that they can become productive contributors. A few of those members have implemented what they learned in their own gardens and they use the expertise of TTATCC members to assist when needed.

Bricks come from the clay soil and when the proper number are made, a permanent school structure can be built for the children. Occasionally some bricks are sold so that they have food for the children, which sets back progress on the school.

Left to Right: Uncle, Father, Grandmother, Alex (in back, no relation),
Grandfather, Alone, Leslie

Three generations of family are intact in Buwenge. Some short time ago, Alone’s 96-year-old grandfather (to find a person – let alone a couple – of this age in Uganda is exceedingly rare) divided a small plot of land to his children and the eldest of those children. He then sold the rest of that land. As a result the family came together and donated the six gifted acres to the benefit of TTATCC and the children. This land is where the school and home will be built for the street children of Jinja.