Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neighbor Samuel

Little Samuel is one of my many neighbor children. Samuel is a little different though, perhaps because he’s younger. Whenever I’m home I find him watching from my doorway. He waits patiently until I acknowledge him, although he doesn’t understand a word I say. Today I sat with Samuel out on the porch for some time. He sat some far distance away from me, but willingly scotched closer when invited.

Samuel’s raggedy clothes were gathered at the waist by a red plastic handle from a bucket, no doubt a “toy.” His little hand held tightly to a tiny unopened bag of gee-nuts (peanuts). That same hand adorned a pretty orange ring long since missing it’s lollypop jewel. Samuel ran off to collect a container from the compound, a piece of trash left behind. He filled that small container, which was about the size of a yogurt cup, with his goodies and added a small piece of tile, a leaf pulled from a vine, and a piece of cardboard. All his treasures in the world.

Nearing lunchtime I went inside the house and Samuel followed me to the doorway where he stood and waited for my return. Each time I went in he did the same thing. Each time I came out he resumed his position on the porch next to me. I cut an apple for lunch and shared those slices with Samuel. I always hesitate to share food because, like pets, the children will swarm and I didn’t have enough to feed the neighborhood. However, today Samuel and I were left alone to our apple and our shared juice box together in silence.