Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Andarita Beach

Lake Victoria provides a number of beachfront opportunities with its many coves and bays. Andarita Beach is just one of those many nearby beachfronts along Entebbe Road. The far southern part of the beach was quieter and as a result the birds were content to do their fishing from there. I cannot begin to name those long- and short-legged creatures, but the colors are marvelous. We crept as close as we dared before sending them off in a swoop. Leaving them to their peace, Ronnie and I sat on a more distant bank and listened to the sound of the small waves crashing on the shoreline. So peaceful, relaxing…mesmerizing.

We strolled to the north just a bit and found that the beach area was jammed with people who were enjoying themselves on this Sunday evening. We came upon a few friends playing football (soccer) and joined them for a few kicks before moving back to the waterfront. I came prepared…sandals.

The warm waters of Lake Victoria, unclean by most standards (although what lake water is), is far too enticing to miss. I kicked off my sandals and walked along the edge with my toes in the water. Tiny rocks floated in the oncoming waves, pulsating to and from the shoreline like a heartbeat. Ronnie declined the invitation to join me, but saw what a joy this small pleasure was and indulged me for some time. With a soaking wet skirt and feet and sand up to my ankles, Ronnie and I scooped up a waterfront table from departing diners.

Back: Eddie and Ronnie
Front: Herbert and Leslie
Missing: Derek is taking the picture
Our plan was to talk about ministry work together and business development for his little internet cafĂ©, and we did that until our football friends – Herbert, Derek, and Eddie – rejoined us. We really need more planning time together, but sometimes God knows what we need more than we do. I don’t think any of these friends realized just how much I needed their fellowship at this moment.