Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Open Air Film Ministry

The Namulanda trading center was the location of our open air film ministry. The center boasts a small circle of open space surrounded by vendors of various sorts. As darkness descends, the food vendors emerge. This nightlife is all new to me. I’m instructed to stay inside at night for safety reasons – with special dispensation when surrounded by lots of guys from the ministry team – so I never knew all this yummy food became available after dark.

As we set up the video stand and screen along with all the necessary equipment, we learned that the house from which we would get our power could not support the sound system, computer, and video projector. Snap, the power went out just as we were prepared to show the film. Two weeks in a row the power of electricity zapped our ability to have this time of ministry. I choose to believe the enemy is fighting a battle against us because we are doing a good thing for God.

As we made preparations to set up, the children swarmed to see what was happening. One tiny tot – she couldn’t have even been a full year old yet – grabbed my finger without fear. I couldn’t resist but to pick her up. She snuggled up to my chest and promptly fell asleep. Again, disappointed that the film ministry didn’t take place but loved the little surprise I got at the end.

So many people were disappointed that the film wasn’t shown. Sometimes they think we’re liars and trying to trick them. Please pray that the enemy would be defeated to the glory of God. Amen.