Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Car, Stuck Car

Laura, Leslie, Wilson (Henry’s youngest boy), pregnant Alice (Henry’s wife), Rachel (Henry’s youngest girl), Mark, and Gabriel loaded into the car for a ride to Hallelujah Buffet for an after church meal. The windy dirt roads posed a few scrapes to the bottom of the undercarriage on this loaded down1993 Toyota something-or-other. Eventually we came head-to-head with a giant utility-like truck and thus it was our job to back up a bit to get out of its way. I maintain that the darkly tinted windows make nighttime and reverse driving impossible, but they do keep the car cooler during the hot African daytime.

Upon backing up to allow the truck through, we ended up stuck over a man-made, dirt-bag curb and, yes, bottomed out the car. NO…I wasn’t driving (this time). Gabriel dug and dug to no avail. Eventually the School of Ministry guys and a few neighbors came and literally lifted the front end of the car back onto the road. Off we went.