Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Konoweka Children

Children scream “mzungu” and come running at me as soon as I turn the corner. Runny noses, dirty paws, coughs and all…I greet these children with hugs and cheers. We walk together – three or four tiny hands in one of each of my own hands – toward the church. Initially the children ran around the dirt-floored structure until they were shooed out by a passing adult.

Last week I began singing children’s Bible songs and we enjoyed a short time of child-like worship together before the ladies arrived. This week, the children came running as usual but instead of running crazy each child sat quietly on the bench in front of the room waiting for me to begin singing.

Eight little voices sang the Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord song among many other songs I scarcely recalled from my own childhood. Then, each child sang in their best little voice the song of their own choosing. Such a beautiful part of the Ugandan culture includes music and dance. One small girl had a voice that almost brought me to tears. She sang well enough but that wasn’t it. The Holy Spirit was in that particular voice. Oh my.

Once the ladies began to arrive we rounded the children into a circle and Pastor Jessica and I prayed over them. What a special gift! Dear God, please make every week before Bible study just like this one.