Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Karamoja in June

Mbale and Soroti were the two short stops made along the 11.5 hour drive to Karamoja, in the way northern part of Uganda. I took off toward the OM Supermarket in Soroti as soon as we parked the taxi, never mind the squatty potty. I’d been looking forward to the treats the supermarket offers all week. As I exited the building I found Henry waiting at the door. Whoops…chaperone required.

The supermarket sells the best homemade banana bread, even by American standards. Moist bread is hard to come by here, which is surprising given the amount of oil used in their foods. I picked three individual sized cakes, one of which disappeared into an unknown hungry tummy along the way. This bread is hand made by a local woman who wholesales them to the supermarket. I’ll get a few more on the way home again. [Update: We didn’t go through Soroti on the return trip….waaaaa.]

Other than spotting a taxi loaded with live chickens dangling on the outside, the ride was uneventful. A few extra bruises on the knees and elbows are par for the course on these rough roads. Pastor Philip and his wife, Agnes, were waiting with their musical welcome as usual and the twins (Joy and Grace) seemed to remember me as they piled into my lap.