Monday, June 20, 2011

Fred's Mom's House and Bujagali Falls

The house was a generous gift from a Florida family and we stopped there to visit the woman known only as Fred’s mom. Henry, Gabriel and others helped to build this small house for Fred’s mom, who took five grandchildren into her original one-room home after both their parents died.

We found Fred’s mom and daughter sitting on the outside veranda shucking beans for their one meal of the day. They welcomed us into their simple structure and thanked Mercy Uganda for the generous gift. Ugandans have such good manners – they’re very formal in the way they greet and thank visitors.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump beyond Fred’s mom’s house was…Bujagali Falls. Yep, you can’t drive all this way and NOT visit the falls…right? The falls are scheduled to be flooded within the next four months. Sad. Hopefully that’s four months Africa time and not mzungu time.

This lovely lizard thingy crawled up next to me and sunbathed, while I watched to be sure he didn’t decide to have me for lunch. As usual the view was magnificent. During my next trip to Jinja, I’ll be sure to do some rafting lest the falls be gone completely.