Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Dolly in Kotido

Mercy Uganda visited Kotido for the first time “on the way home” from Matany in Karamoja. Our objective was to meet with a family who was building an orphanage there to see if we might find ways to work together. I came across this proper little young lady who seemed the perfect size for a dolly. I love spreading these gifts far and wide across the vast African continent.

This young lady knew exactly what to do with her dolly. She carried the doll on her back like the other maamas do. She traipsed all around the compound with her doll on her front and on her back. All the children were curious but they politely left her to her games. She kept saying something to me with a big smile and those beautiful white teeth. Her father approached and easily translated that she was “appreciating me.” Awe, sweetie.