Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Back Way Home

 Our trip to Kotido added a few hours to the very long return drive, but the view along the way was beautiful. Uganda is very mountainous, although a bit like the foot of the Ozarks rather than the Ozarks themselves. We watched the people go from being bone thin, wearing wraps, and walking with a staff to having just a bit of meat on their bones, wearing western-donated clothing (although literally falling apart at the seams), and sauntering down the roadside.

Two known dangers of taking photos along the road exist. Some people believe evil will come if their photo is captured and will become quite furious at passer’s by. Other people are happy to pose and then promptly put out their hand for payment. Most of the time they just love to see themselves on the camera and forget about demanding money. Sometimes, though, we end up speeding away.