Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Andrew and Lauren's Wedding

Witnessing the planning of an intercultural wedding was…interesting. The wedding committee meets several times ahead of the wedding to advise the bride and groom and to help ensure things run smoothly on the day of the wedding. In Lauren’s case, Andy was in the UK for several of the early meetings and Lauren was left to hold her own against a band of Ugandan cultural traditions. No, she would not have a changing dress (post wedding, pre reception) to the gasp of many. No, the budget would not allow inviting the entire community of family and friends related to each and every individual guest. Yes, she would choose her own reception music. And yes, she would actually kiss the groom during the ceremony. Every decision was a clash of cultures, but in the end the blend was beautiful.

Lauren chose me to be her matron of honor. I am under no illusion that her choice was based on the fact that her closest friends could not afford to travel to Uganda for the special day. But I’d like to think that I was a close second or third. We’ve become good friends during the five months we lived together, we have a rhythm that just works. Likening me to Rachel (from her favorite television series, Friends) at Barry and Mindy’s wedding sealed it. You would never do that to someone you didn’t know for sure would forgive you later. Now that I see the photos, she may have been right.

The pastor gave the best man and the matron of honor a lifelong charge to be wise counsel, among other things, for the bride and groom. I take that role very seriously. We may not always be in physical proximity. Friends grow apart. But I want both Andy and Lauren to know that I will always be there for them in whatever way needed for the rest of our lives. Andrew and Lauren make a beautiful couple and I look forward to watching their marriage mature.