Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Dolly in Malindi

Armed with only one dollie, I set off for Kenya with hopes of spreading these little beauties a little more widely around East Africa. I had hoped to have a box full to share, but her sisters remain imprisoned in the Kampala, Uganda Post Office…for now.

This darling girl had a massive growth on her head and received surgery not long ago (as coordinated by the Biblical Life Ministries team). She sang with such a beautiful little voice and had some dance moves that would put any adult mzungu to shame. I motioned to her to come see me, which she did only at the assurance of her “sisters” and I pulled this doll out of my bag.

I never saw anything get snatched up so fast in my life. She had that doll in her arms and was sitting back down on the floor with the rest of the group so fast I didn’t know what hit me. As per usual, she checked under the dress. Then she and her friends gave the doll a proper once-over.

I hope one day to return and come across one of these things in the arms of a child.