Sunday, January 23, 2011

VKids Trust Uganda

Ida was a teacher, her daughter Rose is a teacher, and her daughter Vickie is a teacher. Vickie is a Ugandan woman who was raised by her jajja (grandmother) Ida. During her formative years, Vickie saw her jajja looking after a number of needy people. During her teen years, Vickie saw her mother looking after orphan children. Vickie grew up thinking that everybody has to help others.

Vickie received her diploma in teaching from Kyambogo College where she specialized in childhood education and she has more than 10 years of teaching experience. She spent 1.5 years looking after Kenyan orphans and in doing so felt touched to help Ugandans too. She first thought of helping the children at her childhood home, the Ssese Islands, because children are really lacking education opportunities there. Parents are fishermen and farmers. They fail to see the need of educating their children and have no money to send them to school. Those who are willing to further their children’s education find no schools or no teachers. This photo is of a school constructed by the community but no teachers will come.

Operating school can be seen in the tiny red circle.
In 2009 Vickie secured NGO status for V Kids, her ministry focuses on securing educational opportunities for the children of Ssese Islands. I was connected with Vickie to help her develop a website that will connect potential sponsors to the children in need. We first visited Bubembe Island, home of Vickie’s jajja, to enroll 10 children in her sponsorship program.