Friday, January 7, 2011

Uganda Christian University Workshop

Ronnie delivered me to the Clock Tower Post Office in Kampala where he cautiously and reservedly handed me over to someone he didn’t know. An hour and a half later Isaac and the driver delivered me to the Colline Hotel in Mukono where I enjoyed hot, deep-dish baths, a blanket on the bed at night, and pineapple for breakfast.

Hours of study, preparation, and practice were needed to develop and facilitate a workshop on research design and publication for Uganda Christian University faculty. During my October visit, Henry arranged an interview and I was consequently invited to address an identified problem in the university regarding faculty publication rates (the frequency at which faculty get articles published in respected academic journals). Collaboration with my UCU colleague, Isaac, over the next few months resulted in the participation of about 50 faculty members in the three-day workshop (the original estimate was 20 participants). Attendance rates remained around 50 for all three days of the workshop.

In the center is Dr. Leslie Mosher (in case you couldn't tell),
 to the right is Dr. John Senyonyi (Vice Chancellor),
 to the left is Dr. Frederick Kakembo (Associate Dean),
to the left is Mr. Isaac Katono (Associate Dean)
The workshop became of such importance to the higher-ups that they instituted their formal opening and closing ceremonies where high level officials made formal remarks. The Reverend Canon Dr. John M. Senyonyi, UCU Vice Chancellor, opened the ceremony and joined us for tea and photos. The VC is the most prominent chief executive and is deputy only to the chancellor who is typically a prominent public person who acts as a figurehead only. He was a very pleasant, kind, and unintimidating man to talk with.