Saturday, January 22, 2011

Traveling to Ssese Islands

Character-filled old fishing boats lined the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe. Little did I know one of those very boats (pictured) would be the one to take us on the three-hour ride to Bugala Island. Thankful for the canopy even with the overcast sky—so as to avoid adding sunburn to my list of miseries over which I have triumphed—the atmosphere underneath was stifling.


Although I realize we were a far cry from being packed in like a can of sardines, I couldn’t help but think of the pictures I remember from high school where slaves lined the bottom of those boats…given that I am in Africa on a boat filled with Africans (and one German).

The waters were calm and a quick but hazy shot of the Entebbe airport had me feeling a little confident (‘tis a no-no to photograph that sacred place). I’d stood on my bench and lifted the dirty but effective water flap that runs along the side of the boat to see what I could see. Feeling adventurous, I stepped carefully past a number of unfortunately placed missing floor planks, and maneuvered around some main beams threatening to either trip me or knock me out cold. Reaching the open air without injury, I climbed the staircase partway and enjoyed the breeze. I do believe a hammock dangling from the side of the boat would be the best way to experience this ride…sans the overexposure to sun and its reflection on the water.