Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Desk

The snap of the tape measure retracting into its case. The scratch, scratch of the cut marks drawn on the plank with a pencil. The zip-zip-zip back-and-forth sound of the hand saw cutting the timber to size. Wood shavings littering the ground like snow in 85-degree weather.

Designed from scratch, Gabriel built me a desk and stool by hand and delivered it the second day after I arrived. This is the man who is also building his own house by hand. He seems to be a jack of most trades here in Uganda.

A comfortable place to work at the computer (we don’t have a kitchen table) is important for preparing the Bible study lessons, business teachings, and University workshop along with the ever-important blog posts, Facebook updates, and Skype chats. By virtue of the fact that I’ve got my own furniture in Lauren’s house, as well as my toothbrush, I think it can be concluded that I’ve officially moved in...and taken over the small space in this duplex.