Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KOWH Bible Study: Week 1

Konoweka Orphans and Widows Hut is situated in Kinitawaka and meets at a church pastored by Gideon, a man in his second year of theological training. They’re a well-organized group of women whose mission is “to provide spiritual and economic activities to see the orphans and widows in Uganda have a meaningful and dignified life.” Learn more about this group on the website.

Growing Strong with God, from the Mom’s Ordinary Day Bible Study Series, is the second series that the women of Konoweka Orphans and Widows Hut will study together. Moms have so many responsibilities and expectations that we often feel guilty for not being perfect and accomplishing everything we ought. Moms in Uganda are no different. These moms don’t have husbands – thus the name Orphans and Widows – to provide support to the family and thus their burden is heavy.

Together we studied Psalm 51:1-10, which revealed the truth about the false guilt moms carry for failing to accomplish everything perfectly in any given day. The verses showed us that our sense of false guilt is a sin and that God promised to cleanse us from our sin. In small groups we studied Hebrews 10:1-18 and learned that the old law demanded blood sacrifice to cleansed us from our sin, but the new law – the blood of Christ – cleansed us once and for all. We prayed that the Holy Spirit would show us our false guilt and that we would accept the gift of Jesus’ blood to wash away that sense of inadequacy. Amen.

One thing I love about this Bible study series is that an activity for moms and children to do together is included. This week the activity happened to be making a bracelet. We talked about this bracelet and I tried to connect this bracelet with a business opportunity for those who make jewelry. I’ll be interested to see whether or not any of the women take the idea and bring an example to the group next week.