Thursday, January 6, 2011

Konoweka Orphans and Widows Hut Website

Typically the Konoweka Orphans and Widows Hut program will move from Bible study to business teaching to making handcrafts together. This week the handcrafts were left at home and we looked at the website designed with their photos and stories, and their handcrafts. Most of these women have no access to the internet or even really understand what it does – most don’t even have a Bible, which makes Bible study a challenge – so they were amazed to see themselves on the small computer screen.

Some women were disappointed not to find their stories on the site and eventually came to understand that we’re still working to develop the content and that when we get to the handcraft part of our time together we’ll get more photos, stories, and products to display.

Because many of the women do not understand the internet and how it’s used, I was very careful to emphasize that just because we have a website does not mean we have sales…that there is no promise of anything and that the website is just a tool. I’m not entirely confident the message was well understood but we’ll keep talking about all of the concepts we’re learning each week.

In the mean time, take a look at the site. Get to know the artisans and their personal stories along with the crafts they make to help pay their children’s school fees.