Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bubembe Children

We could scarcely come to Bubembe Island without visiting Vickie’s jajjas. Because there is no communication on the island, they were completely surprised and delighted to see us. They fussed over us for hours as we rested and chatted after having climbed the island to reach their hilltop retreat.

During the last visit I delivered a blanket to each of the two older jajjas (the eldest is in her 90s and she had been digging in the garden all day) and the younger went without. I promised on behalf of my sister to return with another blanket for her, although I’m sure she never expected that I actually would. Today, she was away and I could not visit with her but the middle jajja promised to deliver the treasure.

We exchanged gifts – we brought soap, rice, and sugar for them. Although nothing was expected, they gave me a hen and a pile of pineapples. They chose this particular hen because, they said, she was mzungu like me. I recorded the chase but cannot upload video from here. I’ll have to add it when I return to the states. Amusing.

Fresh pineapple, passion fruit, wild passion fruit (yuuuummm), and a meal of cassava and g-nut sauce. Wow! After tasting all these delicious foods, Vickie and I were ready for a nap. Rolling out a mat on the grassy ground, we snoozed for a short time.  The life of a missionary is such hard work.