Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Dolly on Lake Victoria

One promising young handful of a girl entertained us during the long ride. The story picks up where she tried desperately and only partly successfully to drink from her adult-sized bottle of orange pop. She wrapped her tiny lips around the giant mouth of the bottle and tipped her head back. I fully expected her to gag and pull the bottle out of her mouth thus dumping its contents down her front and thus started my video camera. Instead she returned everything from her mouth back into the bottle. Considerate little dear. Her mother entertained this active girl with all she could until I tried to provide some relief with a dolly.

What did she do first? Upside down went the poor dolly and the girl said, “poo-poo.” So that is what all the girls who’ve gone before her were checking for. There aren’t dolls around the parts of Africa where I’ve been so I suppose the question is natural. Little Sophia proceeded to dress her dolly in her own sweater, wrap her, rock her, and carry her on her back like other mommas do. Her new dolly provided at least an hour worth of quality entertainment for everyone below deck too bored to do anything else.

Another little piece of Ricky left on Ssese Islands in that tiny dress adorning this dolly.