Sunday, December 26, 2010


This little guy watched me through the
doorway all through the service.
Recent graduates of Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, Augustine and Joel are planting a church in Busoga. On Christmas day, however, we found the nearly inseparable pair at Calvary Chapel in Kesega—a remote village north of Jinja. Busoga is on the opposite bank of the Nile which causes a financial burden to those wishing to attend church or church functions at Calvary Chapel. Churches don’t line remote village roads like they do in West Michigan, which makes choosing a church closer to home nearly impossible.

After a long drive we pulled in next to the church and stepped out of the car—the only car in sight—to receive a warm welcome from Joel. Cries of “mzungu” meant that I shook the hand of dozens of children who found my pale skin exceedingly interesting.

I always enjoy worshiping as these men play the drums at Calvary Chapel Namulanda. But watching the journey of Augustine and Joel growing into their own pastoral gifts is a privilege. I look forward to continuing to watch them grow and to supporting them in any way I can. These young men are to be admired for their passion for Scripture and for their love of God.